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Live Music In Puerto Vallarta

Author  Ray Smith
Dec 24, 2021

Puerto Vallarta is starting to become a tourist city where you not only have to decide what you want to eat, but which band you want to listen to. Many of the restaurant/bars offer bands that play live. With new players forming new bands, the selection of live entertainment is growing fast.

The list and schedule of bars that offer live music (bands in Puerto Vallarta) include: (*** Page will be updated as bars add new bands to their lineup in 2022.)

Blake's Restaurant and bar
Monday Hammer Time 7pm,  Tuesday animals 330,  Thursday Gecko band 3pm,  Friday 6pm BOBBI and the others, Saturday Tequila Rush 7pm,  Sunday Las Mambas 4pm

Café Roma  : C. Encino 287, Centro             
Wednesday Gina & the Lovers 3pm   Thursday  The Strangers   Saturdays Gina & the Lovers 6pm    

Captain Don's   : C. Honduras 126, 5 de Diciembre    

El Rio BBQ ; Felipe Angeles 245, Paso Ancho

Fajita Banana : Cond Puesta del Sol, Marina Vallarta
Wednesday night Scarlet and Gil

Mamá Caguama´s Takos & Beer : Calle Peru 1034, Venezuela esq, 5 de Diciembre,
Wednesday's, Thursdays and Saturdays 8-10 pm

Monkey Business: Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2581, Zona Hotelera

Murphy's Irish Pub : 484 Moreles, Centro

Nacho Daddy : Basilio Badillo 287, Zona Romántica
Miki Prust on Monday, Piel Cannela on Tuesday,  Amy Armstrong on Wednesday and Saturday, The Zippers on Thursday, and the Texas Embassy Blues band on Friday

Pour Favor :  Lázaro Cárdenas 245, Zona Romántica
Monday -Bobbi and the others 8-11 Tuesday - Tequila Rush 8-11 Wednesday - Los Wendigos 6 -8:30, The Availables 9-12 Thursday - Bobbi and the others 8-11 Friday - Los Wendigos 8-11 Saturday - the Rock Lobster band 6 to 8:30, The Lovers 9 --12 Sunday - IVM band 8 - 11.

Salty Caesar Gilmar : C. Fco. I. Madero 418, Zona Romántica
Mondays Las Imposibles, Tuesday Las Mambas, Wednesday Red Suitcase, Thursday Karma, Fridays Las Wendigos, Saturdays Hoochie Coochie

Whiskey Kitchen : Carr. Costera a Barra de Navidad 520, Zona Romántica,

Winston's Bar & Grill : C. Perú 1231, Centro
Wednesdays Circus, Thursday The Availables, Friday The Beast, Saturday Los Wendigos, Sundays Paranoia Rock Experience

List of Bands in Puerto Vallarta
The Availables
Bobbi & the Others
Eyes on Earth
Gecko Band
Gina and the Lovers
Hammer Time
Las Mambas
The Animals
The Beasts (The B34ST) formally La Trez Cuartoz
The Wendigos
The Zippers (with Sylvie)

I know there are more bars with live music and will include them as they contact me and/or I can confirm the information. Puerto Vallarta is a great place to find live music and entertainment. Share this page with your friends. 

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